If God is Love…

“God is Love” the Bible says.

If we go in the┬ácommon absurd direction of popular thought we ask, “Does God love Adolph Hitler?” Then if we say yes, we think God is morally faulted. And if we say no, then God is not all loving.

This is similar to asking if an all powerful God can make a rock so big he can’t lift it, or can know the future without being blamed for it.

Rather than pursuing God in a direction that leads to such problems we can pursue God’s knowing, power, and love in a much more spiritually fruitful way.

God is all powerful means that no dynamic occurs in the universe without God. God is life. God is energy. God is in dynamism itself. In this way we can connect with God through the direct experience of our own movements even our own breathing. “In God we live, move, and have our being.”

God is all knowing means all consciousness is in God. No awareness is separate from God. Every movement toward truth is a movement toward God. In direct experience of our own minds, we are attending to God.We have our being in God. Everything is in God.

God is love means every act of kindness, of patience, or of compassion occurs within God. No love exists apart from God. This universe has evolved to become moral and spiritual. Love is the most important emergent quality of the universe. According to Paul, love is the greatest thing. And according to John, God is love.

When we love we are attending to another with kindness. And God attends to us with grace and peace. Ours is a beautiful world.

Contrary to the cynicism, despair, fear and hate of the world, the deepest fundamental nature of the universe is …. love.

Love. Love. Love.