Internal External and Eternal Life

I have been musing a bit about afterlife justice.

I remember Confucius was once asked by a man about caring for his ancestors. Confucius asked him how he was doing caring for his living parents. The point was that if he could not care for his parents in this life, he had no business asking about the afterlife.

In the same way in 1John, the author says that if we do not love the ones around us that we can see, we have no business making statements about loving humankind.

What is the point if we are just a vegetarians between meals, and pacifists between wars? What good is it if we just love those who love us?

So here is my little afterlife dream question. If you had to spend eternity with people like yourself, would that be heaven or hell?

Put honest, loving, generous people together and they would be well. Put dishonest, cheating, selfish people together and it would be hell.

I think it was Sartre that said “Hell is other people.” This has much to say about Sartre and little about the actual existence and character of the afterlife.

Try this idea. Live your life in such a way that you can stand yourself internally, you can live with persons like yourself externally, eternally.

And remember in Christ there is grace and forgiveness. So we are not damned to be damnable forever. But we can grow in Godly goodness.