I was not blaspheming when I wrote “damn!” because I meant it.
I just heard about the shootings at an elementary school in Newton Connecticut.

We don’t need any foreign terrorists to come to our country and shoot us. We have our own crazies right here.

On and on the mass killings go. Schools,  malls, theatres, and houses of worship have all been targets.

Is this becoming a weekly event?

What is wrong with these people? Why would anyone go into a school and shoot innocent children?

It is the devil, and by that I mean a personification of evil. It is the opposite of everything we stand for as followers of Jesus Christ.

We want to serve without fame. They want to destroy for fame.

We want to help children. They want to hurt children.

We are nonviolent. They are violent.

What should we do? We already live in a society filled with guns and government surveillance. Is the answer even more guns and surveillance?

I think this is at the root a spiritual problem. These deranged ones neither value the lives of others or their own. They have no love or fear of God or hell. They are lawless disregard and self grandiosity combined. Not knowing God, they play at being God over others.


Ignorance and hate are everywhere. There is no place safe on earth.

If I take off my blinders, I can find all sorts of other killings going on. There was the guy who had a stroke and was tasered to death by the police. There was the whistle blower who supposedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, twice. There are the many Travon Martins who pass from this life in blood without fanfare. We had two little babies shot on purpose right here in Toledo. There is the young unarmed Gazan shot on his birthday by a soldier of the occupation. Millions starve and die every year from the cold cruelty of bottomless poverty.

But going into an elementary school to kill is shockingly, unbelievably wrong. I cannot forgive this killer. It is not my right to forgive him. The Jews of the holocaust have taught me that I have no business, imposing myself in their process. I am not to act like some super privileged outsider. So I will not be forgiving him today.

But I will pray for all the souls in this tortured wheel of suffering that we keep on spinning. Buddha said “In this world, hate never yet dispelled hate. Only love dispels hate.” And Jesus said, “Love your enemies.” and “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

So I’ll work on it.