Christian Mystic Circle

Christian mysticism as IĀ understand it, is the deeply rational pursuit of direct and complete union with God through proven spiritual practices.

Theresa of Avilla said, “God withholds himself from no one who perseveres.”

I do not think this life is something that we do. I think it is something that happens to us. It is a call from God.

This does not make the mystic better than other people. It is a path of humble union, a trip to the depths as much as soaring in the sky. It is day union and night union.

We are blessed so that we may bless and serve others.

May God bless our Wednesday night “Christian Mystic Circle”.

(We will be meeting 7PM each Wednesday night for group spiritual practices that involve, prayer, chant, and sacred dance. This is a prayer service unlike anything anyone has done. It incorporates classical practices like contemplation, and the Jesus Prayer, and Simple Gifts which comes to us from the Shakers. And it has prayers and chants that have emerged, birthed from our own spiritual journeys. )