No Theosis without Kenosis!

Theosis is union or at least participation in the divine. It is that appearance of God where every bush is on fire, every person is the presence of Christ, and every sound is a hymn of praise to God.

Kenosis is self emptying. It is self denial. It is the way of daily crucifixion. It is renouncing service to king ego to serve the living God.

Theosis without kenosis, is spiritually impossible. God’s light and presence is overwhelming. Anyone who is puffed up and full of ego, is not getting it right.

On the other hand kenosis without Theosis is pretty depressing. Imagine taking up the via negative, the apohatic path of the mystic, only to discover in the end, there is nothing at all.

I do not believe this is really possible either. The amazing thing about removing every concept and image is not that nothing remains, but that God remains.

Of course this God transcends our little bound minds. Ein Sof.

We see this way of Kenosis and Theosis in Jesus Christ our Lord.

He is the author and finisher of our faith.